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Thread: Stansberg, Carl Johan Le maire (25 RNNAS), 330 (Norwegian) Squadron - DFC

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    Default Stansberg, Carl Johan Le maire (25 RNNAS), 330 (Norwegian) Squadron - DFC

    "Stansberg, Carl Johan Lemaire [sic] (25 RNNAS), 330 (Norwegian) Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross
    Lieutenant Stansberg has commanded a detached flight ar Budarevri [sic Budareyri Iceland]. He has achieved a very high standard of efficiency which has been maintained depite difficult conditions. Many of his sorties have been performed during adverse weather but his personal courage, zeal and leadership have set a splendid example to all under his command.
    Approved 4 Jan 1943"
    Source: Carter & Carter The Distinguished Flying Cross: How It Was Won 1918-1955 (Savannah Publications 1998)

    The then KapteinL°ytnant Carl Johan August le Maire Stansberg of Norway had a long and lustrous career in Air Forces from 1937 to 1970. He came to my attention via the death of S/Ldr John Bateson in 1944, brother of former 211 Squadron CO W/Cdr RN Bateson. Both Batesons had commanded 11 Squadron in Ceylon, at a time when some ex-211 Squadron were on strength. In reporting the circumstances of Bateson's death, thanks to the generous assistance of the National Archives of Norway I was able to put together an account of Stansberg's own service.

    "At this time, John Bateson was a Squadron Leader Flying Instructor at 5 (Coastal) OTU. The OTU had trained many a Beaufort crew, at Chivenor, Turnberry and Long Kesh, before taking on ASR training (with Vickers Warwicks) and torpedo training (with Bristol Beaufighters) at RAF Turnberry on the Ayrshire coast from 1944.

    On 30 June 1944, John Bateson was flying with Lt Cdr A Stansberg in Beaufighter VI JL835. Late that morning, their aircraft suffered engine failure and crashed into the sea off Turnberry. Stansberg survived, seriously injured, but Squadron Leader John Allen Bateson 37744 was killed. He was 33 years old. Elder son of George Roland and Florence Maud Bateson, husband of Doreen Joan of Toat Hill, Sussex, Bateson lies in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission section at Dunure Cemetery, overlooking the Firth of Clyde from the slopes above Dunure village in Ayrshire, some ten miles from RAF Turnberry.

    Both men were highly experienced pilots. Carl Johan August le Maire Stansberg had completed five years training at the Royal Norwegian Navy Academy by 1936. Posted to the RNoN Flying School in 1937, by 1939 he was a pilot serving at Naval Air Stations, including Stavanger, Bergen and Troms°, until the fall of Norway in the Summer of 1940.

    After a period of RNoAF instructing in Canada, from 1941 Stansberg was a First Lieutenant and Flight Commander with No 330 (Norwegian) Squadron RAF, based at Reykjavik on Iceland. On 21 September 1942, their ‘B’ Flight Operations Record Book Form 540 recorded tersely

    “21/9 Cat Z 330
    On convoy duties - Shot down by German U/Boat after sending 465.
    Whole crew were saved by a ship from the convoy”

    Unfortunately, there is no additional detail of the action to be found elsewhere in the 330 Squadron diary. While some past accounts differed either as to date, aircraft identity or submarine identity, it now seems that, patrolling that day in support of Arctic Convoy QP 14, Stansberg’s Consolidated Catalina Mk III FP525 ‘Z’ was damaged by return fire while attacking a U-Boat. Forced to ditch near the convoy, Stansberg and his crew were rescued without loss by escort destroyer HMS Marne.

    After further training duties in Canada, Stansberg returned to the UK in 1943, apparently for operational training at 132 (Coastal) OTU East Fortune and, by June 1944, at 5 (Coastal) OTU Turnberry. At the time of his unfortunate Beaufighter accident with John Bateson, August Stansberg held the Norwegian naval rank of KapteinL°ytnant: the equivalent of a British Lt Commander RN and hence so recorded in the 5 OTU entry. Surviving the crash and ditching, he spent the next six months in hospital.

    Stansberg had been awarded the British DFC in 1943, and the Norwegian Order of St Olav with Oak Leaves in 1944. Returning to duty in January 1945, senior Staff and liaison appointments followed and by the end of the war he was at the RAF Staff College. Taking up ever more senior appointments in the post-war Royal Norwegian Air Force, in 1959 Oberst CJ August Stansberg was appointed Inspector General commanding the RNoAF, from which position he retired, highly decorated, in 1970."

    Riksarkivet/National Archives of Norway: Luftforsvarsstaben/Royal Norwegian Air Force Archive, Service Records of CJAleM Stansberg (Nr 25).
    330 (Norwegian) Squadron Operations Record Book TNA AIR 27/1721
    5 (Coastal) Operational Training Unit Operations Record Book 1944 (TNA AIR 29/705 via R McNeill)
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    Default Re: Stansberg, Carl Johan Le maire (25 RNNAS), 330 (Norwegian) Squadron - DFC

    Beaufighter JL835
    The RAF Serials DB here is incorrect, mis-stating the loss as 30 May 44.
    The 5 (C) OTU ORB & CWGC confirm loss date as 30 June 1944.

    Catalina "FP526"
    Appears to be an error of mine (or perhaps in past source refs) for FP525. Corrected.
    According to one online list, both aircraft carried a/c letter Z. The 330 Sqn ORB refers only to a/c letters.

    See also
    RAF Serials DB here for FP525
    Ross McNeill's post here on 330 Sqn losses
    RAF Nordic Casualties...
    World War II Crash Sites in Iceland
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