EDGE, F/L Henry Roy (RAF 44756) - Air Force Cross - No.33 Elementary Flying Training School, Caron, Saskatchewan - Awarded 1 January 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 113/44 dated 21 January 1944. At No.32 EFTS at time of award. Airman 565509 commissioned 7 October 1940. Attained rank of Flight Lieutenant, 12 October 1942. Confirmed as Flight Lieutenant, postwar, 9 May 1946. Squadron Leader, 15 December 1948. Wing Commander, 1 January 1954. Group Captain, 1 January 1963.

This officer has shown great competence and keenness as Flying Instructor and Flight Commander, and outstanding executive ability as Squadron Commander. His example has enhanced respect for the service to which he belongs. He has completed a total of 3,020 flying hours, of which 2,170 hours have been flown on instructing, 390 hours within the last six months.