ELLIS, Augustine ap, W/C - Commander, Order of the British Empire - awarded as per London Gazette dated 3 June 1925 in King's Birthday Honours List; reported in Aeroplane of 17 June 1925. Invested with award, 4 February 1926. S/L A. ap Ellis posted to command No.208 Squadron, Middle East, 17 February 1922, and was part of Constantinople Wing, 30 September 1922 to 23 September 1923 (Bristol Fighters, San Stefano). Promoted to Wing Commander, 30 June 1923. To Headquarters, Iraq Command, for Personnel Staff duties, 9 January 1924. To Headquarters, Air Defence of Great Britain, 1 January 1926 for Personnel Staff duties. Invested with CBE by the King, 4 February 1926. As of 1 September 1932 Group Captain A. ap Ellis, CBE had been posted to command No.4 Flying Training School, Abu Sueir, Egypt, which appointment he held until succeeded 9 February 1935 by G/C K.C. Buss. To No.6 Flying Training School, Netheravon, 1 April 1935, to command. Public Record Office Air 30/62, provided courtesy of Ann Sadler, has citation:

For distinguished service on Personnel Staff duties, Iraq Command.

This officer whose work has been invaluable, is tactful and intelligent and has shown untiring zeal. His services in the work of reorganisation have resulted in a real increase in efficiency combined with economy.

ELLIS, G/C Augustine ap, CBE (RAF 01113) - Belgian Military Cross, First Class - No.34 Service Flying Training School, Medicine Hat, Alberta - Awarded as per London Gazette dated 17 September 1943 and AFRO 1949/43 dated 24 September 1943. No citation other than "in recognition of valuable services in the training of Belgian pilots".

A word about No.34 SFTS may add context. Formed at Wilmslow, 26 February 1941 under command of G/C A. Ap Ellis. Sailed 27 February 1941 on SS Batory, docking Halifax, 9 March 1941. First echelon arrived Medicine Hat 14 March 1941. Flying began 24 March 1941. Ellis commanded the school throughout its existence.

Deactivated 3 November 1944; disbanded 17 November 1944. At the time of disbandment it was estimated that school aircraft had flown 354,782 hours 50 minutes. The diary entry for 17 November 1944 stated that No.34 SFTS had processed 39 courses. Total intake was 2,593 pupils of whom 2,188 graduated. The “ceased training” figure was 226 while 169 described as “transferred”. By air forces and nationalities, the graduates were as follows: RAF (1,591); RAAF (two); RCAF (124); RNZAF (24); Argentinian (one); Belgian (74); Singalese (four); Czech (94); Dane (three); Dutch (48); French (44); Lithuanian (one); Norwegian (146) and Pole (31). It was estimated that graduates had been awarded at least 61 decorations including 27 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 16 Distinguished Flying Medals and one Distinguished Service Order.

ELLIS, G/C Augustine ap, CBE (RAF 01113) - Czech Silver Medal of Merit - awarded as per London Gazette dated 18 November 1947.

ELLIS, G/C Augustine ap, CBE (RAF 01113) - Commander, Order of Orangr-Nassau (Netherlands) - awarded as per London Gazette dated 28 November 1947.