Is anyone aware of a list/database of post-war UK Aerodrome Commandants (i.e. General Managers)?

I ask as the following article from the Times of 8 Jan 1947 suggests that the initial positions were filled by retired senior RAF officers:



All three main airports in Britain are to have former R.A.F. officers as aerodrome commandants. The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced yesterday that Air Vice-Marshal S. P. Simpson (retired) has been appointed to this position at Northolt, the main terminal for European services. The appointments of Air Vice-Marshal Sir John D'Albiac to London Airport and Group Captain J. A. McDonald to Prestwick had been announced previously. Vice-Marshal [sic ] Simpson, who is 51, was A.O.C. at Gibraltar between 1941 and 1944, when he was transferred to the command of No. 18 Group.

My interest is in Gp Capt J. A. (John Alexander) McDonald. Subsequent articles state that McDonald became the Divisional Operations Officer in the London & Southeast Divisional Headquarters of the Ministry of Civil Aviation in Jan 1950, and that he had become the Deputy Aerodrome Commandant at Heathrow by Oct 1956 (i.e. at the time of the fatal Vulcan accident that Sir Harry Broadhurst was involved in).

However, all dates and details are vague, so I've tried searching the 'net and various periodicals and websites but to no avail. Is there a database somewhere - perhaps a civil service directory - that might indicate the Aerodrome Commandants and Deputy Commandants of the UK's main airports for the period ca 1947-ca 1957?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.