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    I am an Australian filmmaker researching for a documentary film that will look at Australian airmen during WW2 who served with RAF Coastal Command and in particular with Squadron 59. I am currently trying to track down members of the below mentioned crews (specifically but not exclusively), who may have (or have left behind) written records and memoirs of their time with the squadron, especially those of Australian squadron members.

    My grandfather (Flight-Lt Hervey Longmuir RAAF) flew as a bombadier/navigator with 59. He flew with a number of crews over the duration of the war, including S/L Dunkerley (1941-42), W/C Bartlett (sept 1942-Nov 1942), P/O Barson (1942-1943), F/O Charlton, Moran and Blair (dec 1942-sept 1943). He also took part in the Millennium II raid on Bremen.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has in their possession written memoirs, or photographic documentation from members of Squadron 59 during WW2. Although the documentary will look primarily at Australians, this invitation is open to all. My hope with this project is to get in contact with members of the crews my grandfather flew with (or most likely with family members) and especially of those that took part in the Millennium II raid and recreate their story of that night and also of their time in 59 fighting the U-Boats in the channel.

    Feel free to contact me (Lorenzo) here on the forum or by email:

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    Try 59 Squadron: Roger Sheldrake, Church Farm, Narborough, King's Lynn, PE32 1TE: rogersheldrake AT . The address comes from a site hosted by the 217 Sqn Association who do their best to keep this part of it up to date but they cannot guarantee that it is still viable. If you can get contact it might give you a lead to some of the information you are looking for

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    Hi Lorenzo,

    The Blenheim Society may have some former 59 Sqdn members amongst its ranks. Will check and will let you know.


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    Thanks for the replies, I will chase up those leads and see what I can find out.

    Kind regards,


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