Good morning everyone

I'm just finishing of reading 'Lancaster Bale out' by Clive Smith about the experiences of Fred Smooker after he was the only survivor the loss of Lancaster ED720 of 106 Sqn and was sent to Stalag 4B:

In the book, Fred mentions Winston Barrington being at the Camp, and whose tale is a most interesting one. His father died when he was a schoolboy, and his mother moved to Germany in the early 1930s, where she re-married. Her new husband joined the Luftwaffe when the war broke out, and her son Winston had come back to the UK in 1938 and joined the R.A.F. Fred Smooker records that Mrs Barrington's husband was killed on the Eastern Front, and after she had learned that Winston had been shot down, she moved to near Stalag 4B and used to visit him. As the Russians approached, she moved into the camp and disguised herself as a P.o.W.

There is an 'Eric Barrington' on the database recorded as being in Halifax HX270, but the Service Number is Winston Barrington's:

So 'Eric' should be Winston? Crew details and some details of Winston and his mother's story here: