MOULD, S/L Arthur John Morris (RAF 39172) - Member, Order of the British Empire - No.1 General Reconnaissance School, Summerside, Prince Edward Island - Awarded 1 January 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 113/44 dated 21 January 1944. Born in London, 22 March 1911. Appointed Provisional Pilot Officer on Probation, 19 October 1936. Confirmed as Pilot Officer, 17 August 1937. Flying Officer, 17 February 1939. Flight Lieutenant, 3 September 1940. Squadron Leader, 1 December 1941. To Aircraft Control Branch, 24 October 1951. Retired 1 January 1963 as Squadron Leader, “retaining the rank of Wing Commander.” Died in St. Andrews, Scotland, 12 January 2001.

This officer, as Chief Instructor, is responsible for the present efficiency and excellent organization of the Training Wing of this unit and the Ground Instruction School in particular. Indefatigable at his work, he is a constant source of inspiration to those under him. Squadron Leader Mould has worked long hours night after night writing and editing precis to ensure that the training is kept up to date.