Dear All,
A colleague of mine has a copy of his late father in law's RAF service record. He would like to find out where his service took him on his travels, all he knows is that he served in Italy and N.Africa. My colleague thinks his father in law was a fitter of some kind, possibly on armanents. Postings and dates on the record are:

2 RC, 7.4.42 (Reception Centre??)
11 RC, 9.4.42
10 SOTT, 3.12.42
5 PDC, 30.6.43
L.WAA7, 18.7.43
1 BBD, 28.7.43
156 MU, 9.10.43
30 MFH, 12.10.44
9 PDC,
24 MU, 24.7.46
100 PDC, 15.10.46 (Release)

Do any experts out there know what the abbreviations mean, and where the locations were.

Thanks in advance,