NOBLE, Cecil Hyatt, W/C (19062) - Officer, Order of the British Empire - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 October 1946. Born 18 April 1905 in Bedminster, Bristol. Granted Short Service Commission, Pilot Officer on Probation, 1 September 1926. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 30 June 1931. Placed on Reserve, 15 July 1934 but later mobilized. Home in Melbourne, Australia (says Air Ministry Bulletin). Wing Commander, 30 July 1942 (as per London Gazette of 12 July 1946). Relinquished commission 14 May 1946 “retaining the rank of Group Captain”. Died 19 August 1988 in Westminster (London); obituary gave rank as Group Captain. Citation in AMB 22993.

This officer was the Senior British Officer in a large camp of prisoners of war in Batavia for the first ten months of the period of captivity, From the outset he took a firm hand with the Japanese authorities in upholding the welfare and interests of his subordinates at considerable personal risk. His attitude commanded the respect of his captors and ultimately bettered the conditions of those in his camp. He was in consequence responsible for averting much suffering and for saving a number of lives.