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Thread: 228 Sqd Coastal Command JM679

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    Default 228 Sqd Coastal Command JM679

    Hi again

    Back on the trail of 228 Squadron - Pembroke dock - and Sunderland Flying Boats,

    Does anyone know what happened to JM679 and the following crew

    A/C No. JM679 date of Op 23 Aug 1943
    Anti-submarine patrol
    Crew: (Captian) - F/O A T Haseldine, F/L A M Majendie, P/O C Kelly,

    Reason: It would appear that Haseldines crew apart from Majendie and Kelly made up the nucleus of DW110 crew that crashed in Jan 1944. From log books we have this seems to be the first time and only time they flew with Haseldine, Majendie and Kelly.

    Question: Why?

    Thanks again


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    Hello Dyan,

    A/C No. JM679 13 Aug 1943
    Anti-submarine patrol
    (Captian) -
    F/O A T Haseldine, F/L A M Majendie, P/O M Wareing, P/O J Trull, P/O A Gray, P/O C Kelly, Sgt C Greenwood, Sgt J Gilchrist, Sgt J Parsons, F/Sgt J Richardson, Sgt F Copp.

    The first two men must be:
    25th June 1942.
    1330576 Alfred Thomas HASELDINE (123950).

    12th Jan. 1941.
    (Seniority 29th Dec. 1940.)
    915433 Alastair Michael Adair MAJENDIE(60542)

    FLIGHT International, 5 February 1970
    "Mr A. M. A. Majendie
    We regret to record the death, on February 1, of Mr A. M. A. Majendie MA, FRAes, FinstNav, FRGS, at the age of 49. Mr Majendie was chairman of the Civil Air Transport Training Board.
    Mr Majendie's varied career in aviation began during his wartime service in the RAF, which
    he joined on leaving King's College, Cambridge, in 1940.
    He became a 1 QFI in the RAF, " served with Coastal Command, had a tour of test flying in the Middle East and ferried flying boats. He was mentioned in despatches.
    His flying-boat experience stood him in good stead when he joined BOAC in 1946. In eight years with the corporation Capt Majendie rose to become flight captain Comet fleet (1951) and commanded the world's first scheduled passenger-jet service, from Heathrow to
    Johannesburg on May 2, 1952, in a Comet 1"

    If you recall Eric Harrison who flew with 228 Squadron sent us this crew list for the crew that was with H C S Armstrong when he earned his DFC for the sea reascue of the crew of the 422 Squadron aircraft. (Emails around 22 August this year)

    8 Sep 43 in aircraft R/228
    F/Lt. Armstrong, F/Lt Majendine, F/O Wareing, F/O Trull, F/O Kelly, F/S Richardson, Sgt Copp, Sgt Parsons, Sgt Greenwood, F/S Robey,W/O Holdsworth,Sgt Gilchrist.

    So, its seems they did fly again with parts of the crew on occasion. I would imagine that the crews chopped and changed somewat on a daily basis as operational needs arose. I'm sure Glyn and James can confirm more for us.

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