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Thread: Mad, bad and half-French

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    This is no more than a "maybe possible" (or a "possible maybe")!!
    During WW2 (for certain), and maybe before/after, there was a Directorate within Air Ministry called the Directorate General of Manning (DG(M)). Having worked in Air Ministry/MoD as both civilian and in uniform it seems very likely that the File References, and/or Titles, within that Directorate would contain the 'shorthand' "Mx", or "M.x", where 'x' was the Branch number within that Directorate. DG(M) would - for the RAF - I suspect, have been the final arbiter of how many bods were required for Sqns, HQs, Wings, and even Cookhouses, in the same way that IE2.b was the Inspectorate of Establishments (2.b) that did the same job for the Air Min/MoD civilian employees.
    Now I don't wish to let loose hares (or wild geese) to be chased up blind alleys (or even culs de sac). But the RAF Museum at Hendon and/or the RAF Air Historical Branch may be able to pronounce on this.
    Forward the RAFM/AHB experts.
    Peter Davies
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie View Post
    Have finally received my uncle's service record ...

    "Not to be employed other than as a pilot or obersever without reference to the Air Ministry. (M.7)."

    I'm curious to find out the background to this. ...
    I am also interested in Air Ministry "M.7", it has cropped up in a Service record regarding a previous discharge in 1945, with the Authority reference referring back to /41 [apparently 1941], making reference to being in a closed trade and also stating in 1945 ... surplus to requirements.

    Found Air Ministry (M.1) in an advert relating to Employment and Training in February 1925 ...

    Vacancies for R.A.F. Apprentices

    The Air Ministry announces in continuation of the policy
    of training Aircraft Apprentices in the skilled trades of the
    Royal Air Force, two examinations for the entry in September
    next of 700 suitable boys will be held within the next few
    months. The " Open Competition," conducted by the Civil
    Service Commissioners, Burlington Gardens, London, W. 1,
    will take place on April 17. The closing date for the receipt
    of completed forms of application is March 5. Candidates
    with special claims on account of their fathers' service in
    His Majesty's Forces who have not already applied for a
    "Service Nomination" should forward full particulars to
    the Secretary, Air Ministry (M. 1), Kingsway, London W.C.,
    before February 25.

    Despite checking in the 1937 Air Ministry List of Staff and Distribution of Duties (Churchill College, Cambridge, Chartwell Trust papers), which give many of these letter and number Dept and Sections. The M ones are not featured sadly!!

    Regards Mark
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    Search engine snippets for Air Ministry M. 3 , Air Ministry M. 4 and Air Ministry M.9

    M. 3
    Should it be considered desirable that a motor driver should receive further instruction application to this effect should bs made to Air Ministry (M. 3), stating for ...

    M. 4
    Whenever this is done a report, stating the circumstances, accompanied by the certificate, is to be forwarded through the usual channels to the Secretary Air Ministry (M. 4). A further certificate may be issued, in the manner described in this order, ...

    M. 9 1959
    There are immediate vacancies for fit young men to train as Air Signallers. They will carry out a wide range of skilled duties in the latest types of aircraft.

    The Under-Secretary of State
    AIR MINISTRY (M.9) (FR565),
    LONDON, W.C.I.

    Does not answer Air Ministry M. 7

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    Default M.7

    Possibly Air Ministry M. 7 related to employment of Research & Development / Testing bods and Ministry of Aircraft Production (M.A.P.)?

    Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle: Papers
    AIR 62/1022 The Mond Nickel Company Ltd., Development and Research Department: the development of the Nimonic series of alloys 1946

    In the New Scientist of 21 November 1957 Appointments and Situations Vacant ... Development and Research Department, The Mond Nickel Company Ltd., Thames House, Millbank, London, S.W.I. Mark envelope "Confidential M.7."

    I have seen this Thames House, Millbank, London, address on correspondence in AVIA 15, TNA, files.

    BBC WW2 People's War
    "In 1941 I returned to London and was drafted into Frank Whittle's section of The Ministry of Aircraft Production, situated at Thames House, Millbank, engaged on research on the new jet engines. We had the first jet squadron to fly out of Manston, Meteors with Goblin engines. They were the only aircraft fast enough to catch the doodle-bugs, which they chased over the Channel and shot down. The Station Commander rang our office every day to say how many they had caught."

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