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    Whilst researching my family tree, I found mention of an uncle, John Martin who had emigrated to the US in 1947.

    Having time and money to do so, I decided to see if I could find a branch of my tree in the US. I contacted the US Immigration services and obtained a copy of his immigration certificate. The address was in Alabama.

    I contacted a researcher in Alabama, who told me she had found mention of him and that he had been a pilot. I told her she must be wrong as he was only 19.

    I obtained a copy of his RAF service record and then the mystery unfolded.
    He had been in the RAFVR and had been called up after the battle of Britain. He undertook his basic training at Oxford then was posted to ACDW and then 50 group Pool.

    He was sent to 18 EFTS, which I discovered was in Boundary Bay Canada. He was then posted to 31 PD which was in New Brunswick.

    He was then put on the Arnold schools programme class 821 and was trained at
    Turner Field, Albany Georgia
    Carlstrom field Arcadia, Florida
    Cochrane Field, Macon Georgia
    Craig Field – Selma Alabama. This was where he met the woman who he later married there.

    Upon completion of his training he was posted into the newly formed 181 Sqn equipped with rocket firing Typhoons. He flew in support at the battle of the Ardennes and also interdiction of ground targets.

    I was given an e mail address of his daughter and contacted her with what I had discovered. She was overcome as she did not know that much about him except that he flew Typhoons and that he was injured in a jeep accident in Belgium. Also the day I sent her the e mail was her birthday.

    I later obtained a copy of the operational record book, where he was mentioned by name. (This was the Sqn in which Roy Crane also flew) There I found the account of his jeep accident in which one airman was killed and John was injured.

    After his accident in which he suffered a 30% disability, he was posted to 3 MRU and 5 MRU.

    He attended a medical board and was discharged from the RAF. Soon after, he travelled to Selma to join his wife. He died in 1976.
    3 TEU Area 9
    53 OTU Area 9
    83 GSU Area 83
    7 PRB
    BPC Area 85
    1 RHU Area 28

    I would be grateful for any information on the location of the above units. Thanks

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    You can find some details in one other section of this site :

    Quoting from "RAF Squadrons" by W/C Jefford, to add about the time spent by the Squadron on the continent, post D-Day :
    20th June - to B6 Coulombs
    31st August - to B30 Créton
    3rd september - to B48 Amiens-Glisy (airport still extent)
    6th september - to B58 Melsbroek (in Belgium)
    22nd september - to B78 Eindhoven (in the Low Countries)
    12th January 1945 - to Warmwell
    3rd February - to B86 Helmond
    11th April - to B106 Twente
    13th April - to B112 Hopsten
    18th April - to B120 Langenhagen
    1st May - to B156 Luneburg
    7th May - to B158 Lübeck
    7th July - to B160 Kastrup
    21st July - to Warmwell
    4th August - to B160 Kastrup
    6th september - to B166 Flensburg
    9th september to B164 Schleswigland
    30th september 1945 : disbanded

    Hope this helps


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    Your post does not give dates for some of the units - they moved around a bit so dates are required to establish locations.

    3 Tactical Exercise Unit was training fighter bomber pilots for the 2ndTAF (mainly Typhoons) and was reformed as 55 OTU in December 1944 (could your '53' be '55'?).

    83 Group Support Unit supplied aircraft and pilots to 83 Group operational units, maintaining a pool of of all appropriate types and providing conversion and continuation training for pilots - so that operational losses could be speedily replaced.

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    The 'Area' numbers you record here actually refer to Groups, i.e. 3TEU came under the control of No.9 Group

    3 TEU Area 9
    53 OTU Area 9
    83 GSU Area 83
    7 PRB [possibly No.7 PRC - Personnel Reception Centre at Harrogate, in No.54 Group]
    BPC Area 85 [= Base Personnel Centre]
    1 RHU Area 28 [almost certainly No.1 PHU - Personnel Holding Unit, formed at Morecombe 26.7.44 then to Innsworth 1.1.45]

    Regarding the BPC, the following is a linked entry found in Air-Britain's 'RAF Flying Training and Support Units since 1912':

    No.2 Personnel Holding Unit
    Formed 26.7.44, initially as non-effective, at Old Sarum to take over functions of Base Personnel Centre (No.85 Group) in respect of units and personnel remaining in UK after this moved to the Continent; Disbanded 18.11.44.


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