RAF officer deaths 1.1.29-3.9.39

Thread: RAF officer deaths 1.1.29-3.9.39

  1. paulmcmillan said:


    Flt Lt Faulds R Robert (AAF) Killed 20 Feb 35

    From AB-IX

    F/Lt. Robert Faulds was killed (along with ground engineer Hector Hitchcock) on 20.2.35. This was the occasion that Percival Gull c/n D.34 G-ACIR crashed at Heston following a suspected fuel pump fault.

    According to the accident report, C.301, Faulds was Henly's (the regd. owner of the machine) test pilot. G-ACIR spun in while attempting to turn back after the engine failed at 600 feet.
  2. Jagan said:


    Fg Off Brown J A Justin Arrowsmith Killed 20 Mar 33
    From http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/48424952

    R.A.F. Officers Killed (Special to "The Miner").' CALCUTTA, March 21.-A British Royal-Air Force 'plane crashed at Spezard, 14 Miles from Quetta, and Pilot Officer J. A. Brown and Observer A. C. J. Wood wore killed

    The aircraft in question was Wapiti K1276 - Wrecked totally. (have two photos which I will post in a day). (incidentallly Air Britain's K File does not record the fate of K1276 and merely notes that it was SOC in 1933)
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    AC J Wood is 509359 Leading Aircraftman John Wood
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    Wapiti K1276 Jagan you have this as

    16 Mar 42 Wapiti IIA AC 4 CDF K1276 Crashed Dum Dum 16 Mar 42 ?

    There are two possible fatal Wapiti incidents in AIR 10-1563 Report on Flying Accidents during Jan-June 1933 for this

    Page 13

    #16 Wapiti "Pulled out from dive too late when attacking ground target" Pilot 2 hours solo on type 131 total solo hours. Qualified 6 Months

    #18 Wapiti "Hit ground on a low turn: cause of lo flying not ascertained" Pilot 74 hours solo on type 154 total solo hours. Qualified 6 Months

    I think based on Chronological Order it is #16
  5. Jagan said:


    Paul, good catch. I must have posted that but it was a mistake. I checked my notes and it is now confirmed that the 16 Mar 42 Crash was K1270

    And here are the photos of K1276. A caption is written on the back of the first picture that Wood and Brown were killed in the accident at Quetta. No date was given.

  6. paulmcmillan said:


    J. A. Brown, to No. 5 Sqdn., Quetta, India, 14.2.31
  7. Jagan said:


    Plt Off Watson R A M Robert Arthur McLester Killed 11 Jan 37
    Could this be due to this?
    Audax K3718 - Crashed Hawkinge 11th Jan 1937

    Crashed at Hawkinge, Kent - United Kingdom when the engine failed on take-off & wing hit ground aircraft overturning.

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    "Could this be due to this Plt Off Watson R A M Robert Arthur McLester Killed 11 Jan 37 " no....

    Monday 11 January 1937 , Derby Daily Telegraph , Derbyshire, England

    One of the two occupants was killed when an R.A.F. machine crashed at Hawkinge
    (Kent) Aerodrome to-day. The other man was injured.
    The dead man was Aircraftman Young. He had been seated behind the pilot and was
    thrown out when the machine struck the ground and turned completely over.
    Young received head injuries and died in an R.A.F. ambulance
    the way to Shorncliffe Military Hospital. The crash took place on the edge
    of the flying field where No. 2 Army Co-operation Squadron. R.A.F., and No. Fighter
    Squadron are stationed.

    "Aircraftman 519779 Aircraftman Second Class Thomas Gordon Young, was killed when a RAF, plane crashed Hawkinge (Kent) aerodrome today. The pilot Flying Officer Anthony Charles Gordon Wimbush Lieut Royal Tank Corps, was not injured"

    Watson from Northcote, Australia was killed along with 550255 Aircraftman 1st Class Lawrence Rice were killed when OVERSTRAND K4564 of 101 Sqn crashed in fog at Swanbourne, Bucks.
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    P/O Peter Hilary Pomeroy Simonds killed on 25/8/1934 (not 28/8/1934) as stated he was a passenger in G-ACKI Miles M.2 Hawk which crashed Morston Norfolk 25.8.34. Pilot was George Joseph Armstrong-Evans injured
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    Act Plt Off Norman Aubrey Bagnald Died 20 Dec 38 "On Dec 21 1938, in hospital, from an airscrew accident at Warmwell, Dorset, Norman Aubrey Bagnald, Acting Pilot Officer, R.A.F" note change of date. Newspaper reports also quote the date 21 dec 1938 and him being attached to 9 (Fighter) Training Squadron