During a night attack against Donges Oil Plant (6NM E Saint Nazaire) three Lanc`s get lost.
One of them, the PG-E / LM643 from 619 Sqn crashed an Montoir de Bretagne "north of the todays airfield". Montoir is located right between Donges and Saint Nazaire.

No source could be found there at local archives, no whitnesses..
Because I know that there are allied reconnaissance aerial photos from the target after the attack area it seems to be possible that also the crash site could be identified if it would be possible to see the complete set - because in the regarding area there was the Marine Flak Abteilung 705 with six batteries located and it makes sense that they where recorded, too.

So can you help me to find a contact to ask for a chance to see these photos?
Reason is to initiate a memorial for this crew - I placed one to the grave of bomb aimer David M. Murphy RCAF at the Montir local cemetery.

If anyone want to get informations about the location and todays condition of the MaFlaAbt705 locations don`t hesitate to contact me - I`ve visited them all.