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Thread: 115 Squadron loss 8/9 Aug 1944

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    Default My Dad was on that Lanc!

    Good Afternoon all.
    My Name is Mark Brooks and the Richard Brooks in the crew listed below was my Father. Sadly he is no longer with us but in 1999 we took him back to France to try to find some of the people who looked after him during the war. I won't bore you with too much detail but it was a successful trip and we were shown the graves of the three crew members who did not survive. Robert McKeand among them.

    According to my father there was no night fighter involved and they were not shot down. The crash was the result of a collision between two RAF aircraft. I only have one side of the story but my father maintained that another aircraft, possibly a Stirling, crossed the inbound stream and clipped the lanc with it's tail. My father was the last of the four survivors to exit the aircraft. He probably owed his life to the man behind him, who having stopped my father from jumping while still connected to his face mask, failed to follow him out before the plane went into a spin. I believe that man was Robert McKeand because Dad told us that as rear gunner, he shouldn't have been at the same escape hatch as the the flight engineer. Something must have prevented from him getting out of the rear end.

    The collision was never entered into the official record and on return to the UK, my father was told not to pursue the matter, despite the deep anger he and his crewmates felt over the accident. The other aircraft must have made it home because there was only one aircraft reported missing that night.

    I would be very interested to see the escape and evasion reports if anyone still has them. We have dad's story from him but the official records would make fascinating reading. Particularly as we have met some of the French folks who helped him.

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    Will get back to you as soon as i can, just off to work, will look the files up for you.

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