Dear Gentlemen,

I'm looking for the first burial places of the following crews:

44 Sqn Lancaster I R5901 KM-X Op: Hannover
P/O H C G Piper + T/o 1746 Dunholme Lodge. Lost to the dual combination of flak and a
Sgt R Robinson pow night-fighter crashing 2036 at Bissendorf, 17 km N from the centre of
P/O T G Wilson pow Hannover where those who died rest in the War Cemetery.
Sgt E G Koek pow
Sgt J W Emson +
Sgt H H Thomas +
Sgt H Austin +

101 Sqn Lancaster III DV266 SR-U Op: Hannover
Sgt R E Daye + T/o 1721 Ludford Magna. Shot down by a night-
Sgt F L Bousher + fighter and crashed 2024 at Weetzen an the S bank
Sgt J E H Bird + of the Ihme, 12 km SW of Hannover, where those who
Sgt J R M Turbett pow died are buried in the local War Cemetery.
W/O J Wells +
Sgt P E Lee +
Sgt C Gibbons +
Sgt G W Wooley +

kind regards