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Thread: Mystery crash, S. Burma, 6 Sept 1946 ('45?)

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    The following doesn't add much to the mix, but I'll pop it in for what it is worth:

    No.117 Sqn.
    Dakota KK118

    Japanese search party located red? near Bingyi(?), 16.59N:67.31E. Only 25 unidentified bodies recovered, therefore all classified missing - particulars unknown.

    163768 F/O SQUIRE, R.H.T.
    1566944 F/Sgt TRAILL, E.W.
    164723 F/O ROSS, J.M.
    179971 F/O SISSONS, E.M.

    1 RAF Passenger, and 21 Army passengers

    This was on a contemporary Roll from 1946.


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    Naming inconsistencies:
    Crash site was reported as 20 miles south of Binhli, in Bayin state

    Bayin Nyi - current name used in Myanmar
    Bingyi - name used in Indian Official History of 8th Burma Rifles
    Byngi - name used in Commonwealth War Graves Commission copy of War Office graves concentration list
    Binhli - name used in Colin Cummings book "Price of Peace"

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