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    Hi all, I'm trying to get an insight into my late father's wartime service. After a spell in Rhodesia with the 31ARD as ACH/FM(A) and Home Est, his next posting (Mar 1944) was to 1 (S?)igs Depot (I assume West Drayton). change of trade listed in Jun 44 to U/T FCA then Jul 44 as FCA. postings to Woodbridge (Dec 44), Cosford (Aug 45) for 3 weeks,back to Woodbridge then via 2PDC to the Middle East in Dec 45. There's an entry in the unit from column for this movement which looks like HgU, and the unit to was 236 wing.
    Can anyone enlighten me as to the FCA acronym and what duties would be associated with that trade.
    Many thanks for any help.

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    Andy, Hi,
    Before this one falls off the bottom of the page (!!) I'll give you a sheer guess. According to rafweb 236 Wing were a mobile medium bomber mob. Being mobile they probably carried with them some trades that were normally on the strength of a Station (catering, ATC, medics, etc, etc). My guess is that FCA was a Flying Control Assistant. He would make sure the Signal Square was properly laid out, assist with runway inspections, supervise the Fire Sect in laying out the night flying lighting, etc. He was probably also the guy beloved of WW2 aviation films - the guy with the chalk at the stateboard. And when he got a moment to himself the Controller/Watch Officer would be bleating for tea/coffee!!
    Peter Davies

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    Hi Peter, that all makes perfect sense. Thanks for your help.
    BRgds, Andy Mac

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