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Thread: ORB of no 660 (AOP) Sqn. RAF.

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    Default ORB of no 660 (AOP) Sqn. RAF.

    Several years ago I have during a visit in the PRO made copies of the ORB of no.660(AOP) Sqn. RAF filed in Air 27/2186. At that time the Forms 540 of the months March, April and May 1945 were missing. For these months I have only the Forms 541. I am now looking for the Advanced Landing Grounds(ALGs) of all the flights of this squadron during these months.
    Who can help with a copy of the Forms 540 or a list of the ALGs in the months March, April and May of 1945.
    Looking forward for your answers,

    Jaap Woortman

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    Can I ask what your interest is/was with the AOP Squadron? Are you just interested in that unit, or AOP Squadrons in general.


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    Jaap Woortman Guest

    Default ORB of no 660 (AOP) Sqn. RAF.

    Of course you may ask.
    The Projectgroup-Airfields of the Dutch Studygroup Airwar 1939-1945 has made a study about the history of the Dutch airfields during WWII, during the German occupation and after the liberation by the allies. We are now finalyzing the subject and are preparing the manuscript for publication. One of the maps we want to make, is a map of the liberated part of the Netherlands at May 4th, 1945 with the ALGs used by the AOP Squadrons of the RAF, RCAF and the USAAF. For sofar they are known. While making the survey I noticed that I was missing the Form 540 pages, I have mentioned, of 660 Sqn. And as far I can remember I made copies from a film. This would mean that in the PRO the pages were not available at the time the documents were filmed. So I was hoping that someone could help me with the information I was asking. Could you?

    Jaap Woortman
    Secretary Studygroup Airwar 1939-1945
    Chairman Projectgroup-Airfields

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