In his logbook 13 Sqdn observer Flt/Sgt "Bill" O'Neill RNZAF logged three flights as "pupil" in Tiger Moth ?6744 "M", on 9 & 25 Mar 1942 and on 25 Apr 1942. Pilot or perhaps better "instructor" for these flights was F/O Peter Looker RAF, who was Bill's usual pilot when flying Blenheims. From the remarks in the log book it would seem Bill was indeed being given some elementary flying lessons.

Could it have been standard practice to give observers some elementary flying training so that they could "take over" from their pilot in an emergency?

Would anyone have a bit more specific info on this Tiger Moth please, like the full serial number (in his log book Bill always only mentions the digits of the serial number of any aircraft he flew, never the preceding letter!).

Also, would this Tiger Moth have been effectively on charge of 13 Sqdn and would it have worn the "OO" squadron code? I don't suppose there's a photo of it somewhere out there :) ? The squadron's home station at the time was RAF Odiham.

TIA for any info given.