Hi all,

I have found out in the ORB on No. 151 Sq and RAF Wittering following accounts:

The Luftwaffe got its own back on the Squadron when a Ju 88 penetrated the Wittering defences and dropped a stick of eight bombs (anti-personnel type) across “A” Flight dispersal area, destroying two of the Squadron’s aircraft and damaging four others.

The other ORB said several planes damaged, only one plane destroyed by fire.

I was able to find that Defiants N1790, N3459, T3916 were damaged in this raid but still unable to find out the destroyed one - at least.

At the time 151 Sq was equipped both with Defiants and Hurricanes, Hurricanes from P and V series. Unfortunately I had no luck finding any Hurricane destroyed by this raid?

Can anybody help me with the serial of Hurricane or Defiant destroyed in Wittering on this date?