The above Blenheim has been the object of ongoing research for quite a few years now and although I've amassed quite a bit of information already I wonder if any of the kind folk on this forum might contribute a bit more!

Following information is provided by the Aircraft Movement Card held by the RAF Museum :

- taken on charge by RAF on 31.08.40 she was allocated to 27 MU (Maintenance Unit)
- allocated to 40 Sqdn on 05.09.40 but this was changed to 18 Sqdn the same day
- suffered a Cat “B” accident on 04.12.40 and repaired by SAS (Servicing Aircraft Section)
- taken on charge by 23 MU on 24.02.41
- transferred to 19 MU on 19.03.41
- taken on charge by 13 Sqdn on 23.07.41
- after a flying accident Cat “AC” taken allocated to 43 Grp D/A (43 Group Deposit
Account – a list of aircraft awaiting, or undergoing, repair or modifiation) on 16.08.41
- handed over to CRO (Civilian Repair Organisation) for reparation on site on 22.08.41
- taken over again by 13 Sqdn on 11.09.41
- Cat “AC” flying accident on 09.03.42, repaired on site by CRO
- taken on charge again by 13 Sqdn on 24.03.42

T2254's service life ended when it crashed near Aartselaar in Belgium on 26.06.1942 at 02:39 hrs after being damaged by FLAK. F/O Looker, Flt/Sgt O'Neill and Sgt Cox lost their lives.

As you can see above the a/c suffered three flying accidents, the last of which I was able to identify because Flt/Sgt O'Neill actually described it in one of his letters to his mother. As for the two others, the RAF Museum do not hold the Aircraft Accident Card for T2254 so would there be any other sources where one could find either this document or other info about the accidents? Their is no mention of these accidents in the 18 Sqdn or 13 Sqdn ORB's.

As for T2254's service with 18 Sqdn - would anyone be able to give me the aircraft's individual code letter? A photograph would be even better!

For the record, during its stay with 13 Sqdn T2254 wore the code letters OO-I .

Any help or info will be greatly appreciated.