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Thread: Shropshire's casualties and aircraft crashes

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    Hi Tom
    Thanks. I'm relieved. Accidents mechanics is hard to find.
    The incident W / Cdr More DFC, I have a theory.
    Each pilot (and non-operation) had to fly low hours. (To get airline surcharges)
    W / Cdr More to come into High Ercall mandatory minimum hours to fly and test a new type of aircraft. Unfortunately, the accident occurred.
    Pavel (68Sqn)

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    Default Sgt Walter Wilson

    Thanks for this list and all the other useful info e-mailed to me, Tom, very much appreciated. My wife's grandfather (Sgt Walter Wilson's younger brother) does indeed have photographs. I will take a copy next time I see him, in the New Year, and let you know what I have.

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    Default More Shropshire Men

    Hi Tom,

    I might be able to offer you some assistance.

    For the last five years i've been researching the war dead of Shropshire.
    I've researched over 250 Shropshire war memorials, photographed 99% of the war graves in Shropshire.

    There are a few names, that i know of, that you may not know about.

    Aircraftsmen Cyril Robert Salter (Coalbrookdale) Killed in a flying accident near Rugeley 1938.
    Pilot Officer Gilber Vernon Wheatley (Church Stretton) Killed in a flying accident at Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. 1928
    Flight Lieutenant Thomas Victor Heyes DFC. Killed in a flying accident at Pulverbatch, Shropshire. 1954
    Robert Marcel Loubet (Free French) Buried in Market Drayton. 1941
    Flight Lieutenant Henry Moody (Welshampton). Killed in a flying accident 1931. His twin was killed whilst flying in WW1
    Flight Lieutenant Robert Charles Jenkins (Shrewsbury) Killed in a flying accident at Farnborough 1922.

    I have plenty more names. If you wish, you can email me through my website


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    Default Rothes John McKain Meek

    The above was my uncle, my father's brother, and died about thirty years ago after a series of strokes. I have always known that he was in the RAF but have some belief he was discharged, or taken off active duty.
    He never married had no children and as my father is dead my sister and I are his closest living next of kin.
    I see his name listed on this thread as a survivor of an "incident" in the second world war, and would be very pleased for any further information about him.

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    Respecting Post No.24:

    PUGH, Robert Michael, F/L (42883, Royal Air Force) - No.3 Flying Instructor School - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1946. Public Record Office Air 2/9144, courtesy of Steve Brew, has citation drafted when he had flown 2,188 hours, 1,025 on current duties and 148 in previous six months.

    "Flight Lieutenant Pugh is employed as a Flight Commander. In this capacity his work has been outstanding. He has had much experience in the field of flying instruction and has always maintained a high standard in these duties. It would be difficult to find a more enthusiastic instructor and there is no doubt that his work, throughout many difficult years, has been invaluable to the war effort."

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorne83 View Post
    F/O (Pilot) David Francis McLauchlan (409573), RAAF DFC with 467 squadron.
    hi just thought i'd let you know that D F McLauchlan was the "skipper" of my grandad's (John Thorp) crew with who he completed a full tour with 467 squadron RAAF. found these following pages about Mac and my grandad..... srcid=ADGEESic3_2twaBECfqVd8mkBd6EdOTD3pCiGNSMvu--IugZEyj5IFpON5RHMHCXn6SDOkw7QVBpgKGDgcTAK25-rhAQIIJqQdxq0laWDq3B-gfzC6FUZ2gCmDv_IBIMoqHd-8fcKl1X&sig=AHIEtbSiiZq4i1wr_Noy0fmZzkNr9cVqmA

    this is a story my grandad told for 467 squadron website, at bottom is a log book copy and crew list

    hope you find this useful!!

    **edit** sorry i've buggered up the links, copy and paste should work with them!!
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    Default william wilson alexander

    hi, he was my great uncle for whom both my father & son were named. i have pictures of his induction , squad & funereral & his log book . he was the golden boy of his family . at my great grandmothers insistence his body was returned to pittsburg to the family plot. if you are still interested i would be happy to provide you with photos & other documents . please respond to me directly at

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    Default Plt Off Geoffrey Butcher 68 sqn

    Plt Off Geoffrey Butcher is my great uncle, and my research obsession! I have some photographs of him, and plenty of information regarding his air crash along with his co-pilot Sgt Irwin Wiskar, both of 68 sqn. I will PM you in case you no longer read this thread.

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    Default Sgt Leslie Martin Lack (1384774), RAFVR . KIA with 118 squadronHi

    Hi, any luck yet on Sgt Leslie Martin Lack (1384774), RAFVR . KIA with 118 squadron?
    He died near our island and we would like to know more about him, being an heritage WWII foundation


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    Ref LAC William Charles (Bill) Vocking (656391), RAFVR, aged 26. Buried in Chiswick New Cemetery, Middlesex.

    I believe this be 4203296 William Charles Vocking enlisted into the Army 20/6/1940. Transferred from 311th ITC Royal Welsh Fusiliers to Corps of Military Police (Traffic Control) on 25/1/1940. Transferred to RAF on 10/5/1941 Auth: V.P.T.B.M.10765AGID of 24/4/1941. Docs to Ruislip 27/5/1941.

    Information from CMP(TC) Transfer Book No. 14 (which I am currently transcribing for the Museum!!).


    In fond memory of Corporal James Oakland AGC (RMP), killed in action in Afghanistan on 22 October 2009. Exemplo Ducemus.

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