I am presently researching the loss of the above aircraft on 22/06/41, whilst providing air cover for Convoy OB 337. Unfortunately its the all-too-familiar story of nothing being heard from the aircraft after take-off at 1111 hours that day, and searches throughout the next day finding nothing.

One possibility suggested by the Squadron history is that it was shot down by a Condor. If this were the case, i am thinking perhaps an aircraft from KG40?

Does anyone know of a database of claims made by KG40 (or any other likely Luftwaffe unit) that I could check?

The crew of WB5659 were:
P/O Johnson
Sgt Willis
Sgt 745208 Kenneth William Morgan (the man I'm researching)
Sgt Cass
Sgt Marshall
Sgt Smith

Any pointers much appreciated!