Currently researching a PRU pilot who served in 682 Squadron North Africa Italy 1943 - 1945. This man appears to be rather unlucky when his efforts may well have brought him a significant award.

1st Tour of Ops 105 sorties over 300.25 hours MID awarded 1.1.45
2nd Tour of Ops 52 sorties over 136.55 hours

Wars end caused the incomplete 2nd tour. He was awarded 39 45 Star Italy Star Def and War Medal with MID

His log book records many sorties over France and into Germany Austria but no award of an F & G Star. This confirmed by post war photograph in RAF service with ribbons.

1952 to 1955 Target Towing full time duties over three years.

1971 Joined the Singapore Air Force as a Captain.

I can only presume the MID was for his completed 1st tour of ops. Difficult to understand why his 157 ops failed to bring a DFC and again why nearly three years of towing targets at Sylt in Tempests and Meteors didnt bring him an AFC

An interesting story, I feel he was a tad unlucky myself.