14 Oct 44 from Tholthorpe. F/O C. Pidcock and crew from 425 squadron failed to return from this operation to Duisberg. Cause of loss not established. Halifax LW391 crash-landed behind Allied Lines and the six survivors were unhurt. F/Sgt. Frederick Paul Cartan, RCAF, R/190906 died later in hospital.

Does anyone have any more information on exactly where this crash occurred? Allison & Hayward have it as east of Hasselt, Belgium.

Pidcock apparently kept the a/c level until crew could bail out but was found later with his parachute half-opened.

F/O C.T.L.Pidcock RCAF KIA

Sgt P.A.McCarthy
F/O R.W.England RCAF
F/S N.S.Croucher RCAF
F/S G.Service RCAF
Sgt T.R.Munro RCAF
Sgt H.B.McClure RCAF