Hello everyone,

Who can help me with the data on the Stirling that lost it's Horsa glider above the island of Goeree-Overflakkee on September 18th 1944? It was flown by Flt.Sgt Herger and was from 190 squadron. The Horsa glider landed safely near the village of Oude-Tonge. Carrying a jeep plus 6-pounder anti-tank gun and 3 troops of Z-Troop of 1st.Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery Royal Artillery. The Horsa was flown by S/Sgt. Newton en Sgt. Douglas Smithson (No.10 Flight - G squadron) and had chalknumber 1007.

We need this data to re-tell their story on our website and make a watercolour painting for a exhibition. (We are foundation WO2GO; heritage WW2 on our island), see www.wo2go.nl)