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Thread: Becoming a test pilot

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    Default Becoming a test pilot

    I am wondering how one of my subjects happened to become a test pilot and wondered if anyone knows how they were selected?

    P/O John C. Fisher of 110 Sqn was flying an Albemarle Mk1, which I have learned was still in its evaluation stage when he was killed on 28 Feb 1942. (The loss etc. was already covered in an earlier thread).

    This happened days before the squadron shipped out to India. It seems 110 Sqn were never equipped with Albemarles and so the other question is, what was Fisher doing flying in one? The crash occurred during testing at Boscombe Down.

    And can anyone tell me what intensive flying trials would involve, specifically?

    The other conflict here is that he and P/O T.W. Caston are both listed as 'P', which I assume means pilot. Fisher's listing in CWGC has him as a navigator.

    I realize some of this will be explained when I eventually receive his file from Ottawa, but I was wondering if anyone was familiar with how this worked in general.

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    Hi David,

    from my experiences:

    - test pilot with Maintenance Unit - any pilot who finished the tour
    - test pilot with Ministry of Aircraft production - not know the criteria, but I will suppose the best pilots on particular type.

    For example Czech Jicha was with 9 MU when met on Spitfire twice in the air with Henshaw (Castle Bromwich chief test pilot) and after a unplanned dogfight and afterwards Jicha moved to Castle Bromwich.

    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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