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Thread: Serial / Code Tie-Ins, 61 and 405 Sqns, Mar '42

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    Default Serial / Code Tie-Ins, 61 and 405 Sqns, Mar '42

    Hi all

    Have got the usual difficulty of a/c serial / code tie-ins with (in particular) certain a/c of these two squadrons at the time of the Lubeck Raid in March '42.

    For 61 Sqn I have serials but queries on some of the code letters, while for 405 the ORB gives the a/c code letters but not the serials!

    I have tried my various books (Chorley, Ward etc); up at Kew the Sqn, Group, and even Station ORBs, and post raid bombing analysis reports.

    Running out of ideas. Has anyone else got any clues or suggestions please?

    I don't suppose that individual a/c movement cards would show code letters would they, the latter often being changed?


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    Default 405 Sq Serial/Code letters

    You can try looking at AIR 14/3460. This file has aircraft damaged by the enemy, etc, fighter, flak. They sometimes give letter/serial here. Combat reports is another. You are not going to get all but you may find a few. This Squadron is a thorn in my side as they do not start showing aircraft serials till July 1944. I know they flew the Lanc VI on sorties but one cannot find which letter they may have been.

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    Default 405 Serial/Codes

    Here are two:

    LQ-A Z-8530
    LQ-L Z-8527

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    Default more 405 Squadron codes

    From my notes:

    W1092 "LQ*A" Halifax II
    W1094 "LQ*B" Halifax II
    W1095 "LQ*N" Halifax II
    W1096 "LQ*O" Halifax II
    W1097 "LQ*P" Halifax II
    W1109 "LQ*S" Halifax II
    W1111 "LQ*D" Halifax II
    W1112 "LQ*E" Halifax II
    W1113 "LQ*G" Halifax II
    W1145 "LQ*S" Halifax II
    W1173 "LQ*X" Halifax II
    W1175 "LQ*Q" Halifax II
    W1186 "LQ*P" Halifax II
    W1230 "LQ*L" Halifax II
    W4596 "LQ*M" Wellington II
    W5368 "LQ*K" Wellington II
    W5390 "LQ*X" Wellington II
    W5421 "LQ*T" Wellington II
    W5427 "LQ*N" Wellington II
    W5476 "LQ*H" Wellington II
    W5483 "LQ*J" Wellington II
    W5484 "LQ*G" Wellington II
    W5488 "LQ*B" Wellington II
    W5489 "LQ*A" Wellington II
    W5490 "LQ*D" Wellington II
    W5495 "LQ*W" Wellington II
    W5496 "LQ*M" Wellington II
    W5497 "LQ*M" Wellington II
    W5515 "LQ*R" and "LQ*Y" Wellington II
    W5516 "LQ*D" Wellington II
    W5521 "LQ*P" Wellington II
    W5522 "LQ*Q" Wellington II
    W5527 "LQ*F" Wellington II
    W5530 "LQ*L" Wellington II
    W5531 "LQ*U" Wellington II
    W5534 "LQ*N" Wellington II
    W5537 reported as "LQ*O" when lost, "LQ*U", "LQ*L" Wellington II
    W5551 "LQ*U" Wellington II
    W5553 "LQ*D" Wellington II
    W5555 "LQ*D" Wellington II
    W5560 "LQ*M" Wellington II
    W5561 "LQ*J" Wellington II
    W5564 "LQ*Q" Wellington II
    W5572 "LQ*X" Wellington II
    W5581 "LQ*V" Wellington II

    I'll dig up some more for the next post.
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    Default More 405 codes - Part 2

    W5589 "LQ*F" Wellington II
    W7703 "LQ*Q" Halifax II
    W7704 "LQ*M" Halifax II
    W7707 "LQ*K" Halifax II
    W7708 "LQ*H" Halifax II
    W7709 "LQ*J" Halifax II
    W7710 "LQ*R" Halifax II, the first Ruhr Valley Express
    W7713 "LQ*T" Halifax II
    W7714 "LQ*K" Halifax II
    W7715 "LQ*H" Halifax II
    W7718 "LQ*T" Halifax II
    W7748 "LQ*D" Halifax II
    W7763 "LQ*C" Halifax II
    W7769 "LQ*K" Halifax II
    W7770 "LQ*E" Halifax II
    W7780 "LQ*Q" Halifax II
    W7782 "LQ*T" Halifax II
    W7803 "LQ*B" Halifax II
    Z8329 "LQ*L" Wellington II
    Z8344 "LQ*F" Wellington II
    Z8358 "LQ*B" Wellington II
    Z8412 "LQ*P" Wellington II
    Z8414 "LQ*U" Wellington II
    Z8419 "LQ*V" Wellington II
    Z8421 "LQ*T" Wellington II
    Z8428 "LQ*N" Wellington II
    Z8431 "LQ*J" Wellington II
    Z8527 "LQ*L" Wellington II
    Z8530 "LQ*A" Wellington II

    Need to switch databases and pour another glass, and then I will carry on.

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    Default 405 Squadron codes - Part 3


    Not all of these matches are unique. In other words, a listed serial may have had other codes on other dates, a given code may have appeared on other serials not listed here. Also, I'm sure the list is not complete.

    BB212 "LQ*U" Halifax II
    BB250 "LQ*E" Halifax II
    DS719 "LQ*U" Halifax II
    DT476 "LQ*U" Halifax II, probably a typo, this was an Oxford serial, maybe DT576?
    DT507 "LQ*M" Halifax II
    DT560 "LQ*W" Halifax II
    DT576 "LQ*U" Halifax II
    DT695 "LQ*P" Halifax II
    DT699 "LQ*G" Halifax II
    DT704 "LQH" Halifax II
    DT723 "LQ*F" Halifax II
    DT745 "LQ*V" Halifax II
    DT808 "LQ*V" Halifax II
    FM110 "LQ*R" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    FM115 "LQ*Z" Lancaster X
    FM120 "LQ*J" Lancaster X
    FM122 "LQ*L" Lancaster X
    HR856 "LQ*W" Halifax II
    HR918 "LQ*G" Halifax II
    JA909 "LQ*O" Lancaster III
    JA920 "LQ*E" Lancaster III
    JA924 "LQ*R" Lancaster III
    JA974 "LQ*V" Lancaster III
    JA976 "LQ*S" Lancaster III
    JA980 "LQ*Z" Lancaster III
    JB120 "LQ*D" Lancaster III
    JB182 "LQ*O" Lancaser III
    JB183 "LQ*R" Lancaster III
    JB188 "LQ*S" Lancaster III
    JB222 "LQ*G" and "LQ*M" Lancaster III
    JB226 "LQ*G" Lancaster III
    JB241 "LQ*K" Lancaster III
    JB280 "LQ*K" Lancaster III
    JB286 "LQ*O" Lancaster III
    JB348 "LQ*R" Lancaster III
    JB369 "LQ*D" Lancaster III
    JB477 "LQ*O" Lancaster III
    JB481 "LQ*R" Lancaster III
    JB484 "LQ*B" and "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    JB668 "LQ*R" and "LQ*T" Lancaster III
    JB684 "LQ*U" Lancaster III
    JB707 "LQ*M" Lancaster III
    JB729 "LQ*E" Lancaster III
    JB737 "LQ*R" Lancaster III
    JB875 "LQ*S" Halifax II
    JB920 "LQ*F" Halifax II
    KB700 "LQ*Q" Lancaster X, named "Ruhr Express"

    More to follow.

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    Default 405 Squadron codes - part 4

    KB945 "LQ*T" Lancaster X, possibly only post VE Day
    KB949 "LQ*U" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB950 "LQ*O" Lancaster X
    KB952 "LQ*X" Lancaster X
    KB955 "LQ*U" Lancaster X
    KB956 "LQ*N" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB957 "LQ*W" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB959 "LQ*Y" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB961 "LQ*A" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB964 "LQ*B" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB965 "LQ*D" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB967 "LQ*H" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB968 "LQ*P" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB973 "LQ*F" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB976 "LQ*K" Lancaster X, post VE Day, became G-BOCH
    KB977 "LQ*E" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB991 "LQ*G" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB997 "LQ*C" Lancaster X, post VE Day
    KB999 "LQ*M" Lancaster X, post VE Day, "Malton Mike"
    LM340 "LQ*O" and "LQ*H" Lancaster I
    LM345 "LQ*L" Lancaster I
    ME304 "LQ*J" Lancaster III
    ME315 "LQ*K" Lancaster III
    ME370 "LQ*K" Lancaster III
    ME379 "LQ*B" Lancaster III
    ME445 "LQ*U" Lancaster III
    ME622 "LQ*H" Lancaster III
    ND330 "LQ*O' Lancaster III
    ND341 "LQ*S" Lancaster III
    ND343 "LQ*J" Lancaster III
    ND344 "LQ*V" Lancaster III
    ND347 "LQ*W" Lancaster III
    ND352 "LQ*T" Lancaster III
    ND412 "LQ*P" and "LQ*M" Lancaster III
    ND423 "LQ*K" Lancaster III
    ND462 "LQ*J" Lancaster III
    ND464 "LQ*V" Lancaster III
    ND493 "LQ*S" Lancaster III
    ND507 "LQ*C" Lancaster III
    ND524 "LQ*A" and "LQ*G" Lancaster III
    ND526 "LQ*M" and "LQ*R" Lancaster III
    ND587 "LQ*D" Lancaster III
    ND616 "LQ*A", "LQ*D", "LQ*U" and "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    ND617 "LQ*B" Lancaster III
    ND709 "LQ*G" Lancaster III
    ND855 "LQ*V" Lancaster III
    ND881 "LQ*Q" Lancaster III
    ND912 "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    ND980 "LQ*W" Lancaster III
    ND982 "LQ*E" Lancaster III
    NE119 "LQ*P" Lancaster III

    More to come.

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    Default 405 Squadron codes - part 5

    NE180 "LQ*C" Lancaster III
    PA965 "LQ*A", "LQ*B", "LQ*C", "LQ*D" and "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    PA970 "LQ*Y" and "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    PA972 "LQ*D" Lancaster III
    PA977 "LQ*T" and "LQ*D" Lancaster III
    PA980 "LQ*E" Lancaster III
    PA981 "LQ*K" Lancaster III
    PA982 "LQ*D", "LQ*E", "LQ*U", "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    PA988 "LQ*P" Lancaster III
    PB113 "LQ*J" Lancaster III
    PB129 "LQ*A" Lancaster III
    PB174 "LQ*P" Lancaster III
    PB183 "LQ*B", "LQ*C", "LQ*E" Lancaster III
    PB229 "LQ*H", "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    PB233 "LQ*O" Lancaster III
    PB239 "LQ*D" Lancaster III
    PB262 "LQ*B" and "LQ*P" Lancaster III
    PB267 "LQ*H" Lancaster III
    PB282 LQ*I", "LQ*Y" Lancaster III
    PB288 "LQ*D" Lancaster III
    PB402 "LQ*M" Lancaster III
    PB413 "LQ*K" "LQ*O" Lancaster III
    PB415 "LQ*T" Lancaster III
    PB451 "LQ*G" and "LQ*C" Lancaster III
    PB477 "LQ*B" Lancaster III
    PB485 "LQ*X" Lancaster III
    PB513 "LQ*H", "LQ*R", "LQ*U" Lancaster III
    PB516 "LQ*T" Lancaster III
    PB525 "LQ*P" Lancaster III
    PB527 "LQ*K" Lancaster III
    PB530 "LQ*Q", "LQ*W" Lancaster III
    PB550 "LQ*O" Lancaster III
    PB585 "LQ*P" Lancaster III
    PB614 "LQ*V" Lancaster III
    PB627 "LQ*J" Lancaster III
    PB628 "LQ*W" and "LQ*J" Lancaster III
    PB650 "LQ*U" Lancaster III
    PB681 "LQ*M" Lancaster III
    SW260 "LQ*E" Lancaster I
    20710 "VN*710" Argus - whoops, wrong decade

    I quit.

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    Default Serials / Codes

    Many thanks for the replies Richard.

    And Bill, that's great, thanks for those details. Where did you get that lot from?!! Not wanting to appear ungrateful but I was only asking about March '42 period so you've provided tons more than requested. However I'm sure someone will find out from the Halifax and Lancaster details ones that they've been searching for too, so thanks again for all your additional effort.

    The ones, specifically, that I'm trying to pin down (as I've said, all as at 28-29/3/1942) are:

    61 Sqn (Avro Manchesters)

    405 Sqn (Wellington II's)
    (I have "L" as Z8527, "A" as Z8530, and "N" as W5427.

    I think your list, Bill, will certainly give me some of these, or at least narrow down the options.

    So thanks again

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    Default 405 Sqn and 61 Sqn


    I meant to write this last night but my internet was down ...

    I have checked the Wellington II's you've listed here against the additional notes on your website, which I must admit I'd not looked at before.

    Using the extra details from your website, particularly the loss dates there and in Chorley, I've managed to eliminate most of the Wellingtons that couldn't have been 'mine' (having already been lost prior to 28/3/42) and have thus been able to narrow mine down to likely candidates for each ... apart from "E" (you don't have any Wellington II's listed as being "E").

    But at least for the others I now have likely candidates for further investigation if possible, or at least tentative 'possible' i/d's for those a/c; so many thanks once again.

    Now, anyone an expert on 61 Sqn in '42? ...


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