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Thread: 514 Squadron Lancaster LM206 Neufchateau

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    Default 514 Squadron Lancaster LM206 Neufchateau

    My father’s brother (my uncle) was Sgt Robert (Bob) Lane No 1895981 514 Squadron Royal Air Force VR, born Hereford 1914. Bob was Mid-upper Gunner on Lancaster LM206 shot down by Heinz Rokker over France the night of 28/29th July 1944 aged 30. This fatal night is well documented in The Adventures of Tom Harvell to name but a few.

    I possess: 1) Notice that appeared in a local paper at the time “Grave of English Airman – Stonehouse Mother’s Visit to French Cemetery”. 2) Letter 20/12/1944 from Sgt. Thomas H. Hanwell to Bobs mother (my Grandmother) in which he outlines the series of events surrounding the fate of Bob that tragic night. 3) Bob’s Scroll of Honour. 4) Photograph of Bob and 11 comrades taken outside one of the huts with a plaque “No 124COURSE Air Gunners Squad 22 date 4/11/43”.

    I am keen to obtain more information about Bob, who I understand “was the happiest member of the crew being the oldest, and having seen a great deal of life”. I would also like to here from the relatives of Bobs 4 comrades who were also lost that fatal night.

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    Dear Milavia,

    Unfortunately I cannot contribute any of the info that you're seeking, but I would like to let you know that I have written in detail about the events of 28/29 July 1944 in my latest publication the Nachtjagd War Diaries. This includes the claim by Rökker:

    Oblt. Heinz Rökker: 37 2./NJG2 Lancaster near Neufchateau: 3.500 m. 01.17 514 Sqn Lancaster LM206

    For my continuing research for a planend 2nd edition of this book (due out in 2014/15), I would be very interested in a copy of the letter that was written on 20 December 1944 by Sgt. Thomas H. Hanwell to Bobs mother in which he outlines the series of events on that tragic night. May I therefore ask you if you could send me a scan of this letter to:

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Cheers, Theo Boiten

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