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    Default Hudson T9432

    I have been researching the crash of Hudson T9432 in 1941 where my Uncle Flt Sgt Green was the pilot. I have unearthed a lot of information about the crash & the recovery of the crew. I visited the site back in May 2008 in company with my two brothers, escorted by members of Killin MRT and paid our respects to our Uncle and the other three crew members.
    I would like to thank everyone who helped me on this forum at the outset of my research, it was a tremendous help to me.
    I am continuing my research and would like to seek some further assistance.
    I have been to the PRA a few times, but I am now looking to add some more detail on the rest of the crew.
    On the ORB's 540 & 541 from Leuchers & Aldergrove it only ever names two of the four crew, (the pilot & co pilot, ). Are there any records I can look at that would give me the other crew members names. I am trying to find out if Sgt Aylott, and Sgt Rooks ever flew with Sgt Green or Sgt Lown.
    I am also trying to find records of the training the crew received on Hudsons. I believe my Uncle went to Number 1 OTU at RAF Silloth, but the records I looked at there were only Station Records.
    I am also trying to find out where Sgt Aylott (Navigator) and Sgt Rooks (WOP/Rgun) did their training, any leads would be greatly appreciated.
    My Uncle went to No 5 FTS (I believe this was RAF Sealand), I have yet to look at this but am hopeful it will show some records of his training.
    I look forward to hearing a response to continue my reaserch.
    Chris E

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    Hi Chris,

    The full crew of ZS-B was

    Sgt D E Green
    Sgt F V N Lown
    Sgt W A Rooks
    Sgt L A Aylott

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    Default HudsonT9432

    Hi Ross,
    My message wasn't very clear.
    I know all the crew members.
    I am trying to find out if Sgt Aylott & Sgt Rooks had flown with either my Uncle Sgt Green, or the co pilot Sgt Lown.
    TheORB's only record the pilot & the co pilots names.
    The squadron clearly knew which crew were on which aircraft.
    Do you know of any other records which might give me Sgt Aylott& Sgt Rooks flying records with the 233Squadron

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