I've traced the origins of the RAF Meteorological Flights back to the summer of 1918 and the difficulty that Independent Force crews were experiencing with navigation. In a letter to GOC Independent Force (Trenchard), Brig General B C H Drew (Director of Air Organisation) summarise the problem and describes the intention of establishing six Meteorological Flights (although he doesn't call them that) to provide data to study the problem. Four of the Flights were planned for the UK and two for France. (Letter dated 1 July 1918.)

This was clearly intended as a long term project to be run by the Experimental Branch of the Technical Department (EB of TD). In the event the Armistice brought the original idea to a fairly quick end although a number of Met Flights, including one at Bircham Newton, were subsequently established - but that's another story.

Question - Can anyone provide any advice as to what the EB of TD was/did?