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Thread: W/C Walter Dring Service History:

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    Default W/C Walter Dring Service History:


    Does anyone know W/C Walter Dring's 104424 service history ?????

    Does not appear to have served in a operational squadron during the Battle of Britain, "appears" in October 1943 with 183 Sqn as a F/Lt, flying Typhoons. killed at the end of the war with 123 Wing.

    Would like to know his squadron history before October 1943.

    Many Thanks in anticipation.

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    Default Farmer Dring

    Dring was certainly with 56 Sqn as a Plt Off when they converted from Hurricanes to Typhoons at the end of 1941. When I've an hour or two to spare (56 recorded all flights, A & B Flight separately, hand-written ...) I'll check when he left.

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    Default Wing Commander Walter Dring Service History

    Below, from my DSO data base - will be interersted in more to "pad" the biographical section:

    DRING, Walter, A/W/C, DFC (104424, Royal Air Force) - No.123 Wing - Distinguished Service Order - awarded as per London Gazette dated 17 October 1944. Born in 1916 at Weston Spalding, Lincolnshire. Educated at Moulton Grammar School, Lincolnshire; home at Peterhead, Aberdeen. Enlisted in 1940, trained in Canada, and commissioned 23 July 1941. Joined a Hurricane squadron which subsequently converted to Typhoons. Helped get the type through its initial difficulties, experiencing seven forced landings in the process. With W/C D.E. Gillam he did much pioneering work in offensive operations including the use of rocket projectiles. Awarded DFC, 14 January 1944 (Squadron Leader, No.183 Squadron). Killed in action, 13 January 1945; buried at Bergen-op-Zoom. RCAF AFRO 2534 dated 24 November 1944 has citation under heading "RAF Trained in Canada".

    "Since the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Wing Commander Dring has completed a very large number of operations against the enemy. By his untiring efforts, leadership and excellent organizing ability he has contributed in a large measure to the formations he commands."

    Public Record Office Air 2/9160 has recommendation drafted when he had flown 245 sorties (300 operational hours) of which 133 sorties (175 hours) had been since his previous award.

    "On 20th August the enemy counter-attacked with tanks south of Vicoutiers. This attack was directed between the 4th Armoured Division and the Polish Armoured Division, who were about 2,000 yards apart on opposite sides of the valley of the River Viette.

    "The position of our troops was critical and air support was requested. During the confused land battles of the previous two days, friendly aircraft had unfortunately attacked our own troops on a number of occasions and the target was accepted with some misgivings.

    "Wing Commander W. Dring, the Wing Commander Operations of No.123 Wing, was asked whether he regarded it as a practicable operation for Rocket Projectile Typhoons. He undertook it without hesitation and asked if he could lead all our squadrons of his Wing in the attack. Permission was given and orders issued for the attack which was carried out, in spite of low cloud and intense flak, with faultless precision of aim and timing.

    "The success of this heavy attack (in which 13 tanks were destroyed and eleven damaged), carried out in such close proximity to our own troops, did much to restore the Army's confidence in air support and was instrumental in neutralizing the enemy's counter-attack."

    "No.123 Wing's consistent success in ground attack operations with rocket Typhoons is very largely due to Wing Commander Dring's careful planning, thorough briefing and dashing leadership. Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in October last year he has flown 133 operations against the enemy."

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