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Thread: RAF Pay - Missing, Captured

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    Default RAF Pay - Missing, Captured

    On another site that I frequent i.e. Mercantile Marine, those merchant sailors who had their ship sunk from beneath them were immediately taken off the Company payroll. The fact that you were many weeks adrift in a lifeboat was irrelevant, you were not available for work, therefore no pay.

    Can someone please explain what was the situation for RAF and, presumably other military personnel?
    a. If you were listed as 'missing', which could be months before your remains were traced, what happened to your pay?
    b. If you were 'missing' but were actually 'evading' which could take months to get back to the UK, and authorities didn't necessarily know where you were until you appeared over the horizon, what happened to your pay whilst missing/evading?
    c. Some crew having been 'taken in' by the Resistance, remained there and continued to 'serve' with them for an extended period. How did they go on?
    d. If you were captured and interred in a prison camp, did you get paid whilst you were in there?
    'You' includes any automatic deductions your family were paid.
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