Hello All,

For quite a while now I have been trying to find more info on an Air-Gunner called Jimmy Hide, in particular which operations he flew and with which crews, his rank, service number etc etc. Hopefully someone has ORB's or so. Here's the info I have:

Jimmy Hide, Air Gunner
149 Sqd mildenhall: 5-4-41, 21-8-41
7 Sqd oakington: 21-8-41, 1-12-43
30 OTU Hixon: 1-12-43, 7-5-44
630/57 Sqds east Kirkby, 7-5-44, 19-2-45
23 Grp kidlington, 19-2-45, 21-8-45

Hope anyone has any leads,

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