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Thread: Loss of Lancaster - Menil-Annelise 25th Feb 1944

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    Default Loss of Lancaster - Menil-Annelise 25th Feb 1944

    Hi everyone, i've done a bit of research into my uncle's demise. He was a Sgt. Flight Engineer on this aircraft. Firstly can anyone remind me of it's call letters, ie G For George?!...i was told by my aunt but it's been lost over the years.Then i would like to ascertain if the homebase of the aircraft was indeed RAF Coningsby, Lincs. I have all the other crews names and details, and have made the pilgrimage to Liesse Communal Cemetery. Any information you might have would be so appreciated. I did speak to one or two villagers in Menil, but of course there was the language barrier, and it was a long time ago!There were two Lancs shot down that night, one from 550 sqn that had bombed Augsberg, and the aircraft from 61 sqn that i'm interested in, that had bombed Strasbourg. Thanks!

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    Possibly DV294 QR.K of 61 squadron.
    Coningsby was the base for 61 squadron at that time.
    Flight Engineer was Sgt W.Craig.
    The target was Augsburg, the Bomber Command War Diaries don't mention Strasbourg at all.
    Hope this is of some help.

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