G'day again (-:

I'm researching information for a military policeman here at 22 Wing, North Bay.

J46993 P/O Alan Neilson Laired arrived in England and was processed at No. 5 P.R.C. He was sent on an Advanced W/T (Pre-OTU) Course. It started on the 18th of April 1945 and ended on the 5th of June 1945. He was on Course No. 465 and upon graduation posted to No. 5 Air Crew Holding Unit (No. 5 A.C.H.U.).

During his course he did 56 H/F/ D/F Bearings and 72 D/F Loop Bearings as well as 11 M/F D/F bearings on aircraft at this unit.

If anyone is interested, I can post the complete course syallabus.

Do you have any idea where he could have done this course and where was No. 5 A.C.H.U. at that time?

And lastly, I'm hoping for a miracle in the way of a course photo.

Thanks for any responses.