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Thread: Looking for ORBs for 582 Squadron 1944 Little Staughton

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    You can obtain them for a small fee on a monthly basis from the UK National Archives website. Each month will cost UKP7.00

    It might also be more cost effective to order a batch of the records on a CD from them. Visit the NA website and search for 582 Squadron in the online records search engine.

    or if you can visit Kew in person it might be easier again
    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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    Thanks for that. I will give it a go.

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    Hi Anne
    Your father was posted to 582 Squadron as part of 582 Squadron's new Commanding Officer W/C. C.M. Dunnicliffe's crew from 97 Squadron.
    Again I would recommend you get a copy of Sean Feast's excellent book about 582 Squadron, "Master Bombers - The Experiences of a Pathfinder Squadron at War 1944-1945" as it has many references to W/C Dunnicliffe DSO, DFC and the operations he and his crew were on. I also has a picture of the crew beside their Lancaster.
    A couple of excerpts from the book:
    "In keeping with many COs, Dunnicliffe brought with him to Little Staughton several members of his former squadron and crew, including his regular navigator, Squadron Leader Ross Ingalls DFC and his wireless operator, Flight Lieutenant Charles Chetham DFC. These two men he made 'leaders' of their respective disciplines and effectively in charge of all other navigators and wireless operators on the squadron."
    "October ended with yet another raid on Cologne with more than 900 bombers. No aircraft were lost. The month also saw the departure of two of the squadron's founding members, the 'A' Flight Commander Wing Commander Dickie Walbourne (posted out October 12) and the signals leader Flight Lieutenant Charles Chetham."
    Your father was posted out of the squadron Oct.19th but the ORB does not say where to.
    If you contact me at the email address in my profile I think I can provide you with a fair amount of information from the ORB and a few other sources.
    Dave Wallace
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    I am looking for any relatives, information, photo, list of ops(ORBs), of the following airmen whom from 514 Sqn were posted to 7 Squadron (probably very short time) then 582 Squadron
    Having together served 514 Sqn until 5 March 1944:
    - 1321473 Sgt RH Richard Harry Ames .. Bomb aimer .. KIA 16/06/1944 582 Sqn ND502 60-N
    - 1385979 Sgt RF Robert F. Boots .. Wop .. Safe 16/06/1944 582 Sqn ND502 60-N
    - 1458651 Sgt H Harold Harris .. Nav..KIA 16/06/1944 582 Sqn ND502 60-N
    - 622838 F/S S Sidney Parr .. F/Eng..KIA 16/06/1944 582 Sqn ND502 60-N
    - 176275
    (1389988) P/O NJ Norman James Tutt .. Pilot .. KIA 16/06/1944 582 Sqn ND502 60-N

    Having together served 514 Sqn until 15 March 1944:
    - RAAF 412451
    (O22004) F/O CG Cecil George Miller DFC - Pilot
    - 183613
    (1330208) F/O DBJ David Bertram John Hicks DFC - Wop
    - 1399608 W/O S Sydney Loseby DFM - Rear G.

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    Hello Pinuche0706,

    Very ordinary newspaper snap of AUS412451/O22004 Cecil George MILLER DFC RAAF, here:


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    Quote Originally Posted by COL BRUGGY View Post
    Hello Pinuche0706,

    Very ordinary newspaper snap of AUS412451/O22004 Cecil George MILLER DFC RAAF, here:

    Thank you Col.

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    Default Frederick Don Croney 582 Squadron


    we are looking for any information/photos on Frederick Don Croney DFC from 582 Squadron his citation is for November 1944

    Many thanks in advance


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