I'm wondering what were the planes used by No. 1 British Flying Training School, based at Terrell, Texas, in 1942. From pictures I've seen (thanks to a tip in the other section of the board), I see that the pupils were flying Harvard and Stearmanns. But I'm puzzled by this double equipment. Would this B.F.T.S. be the equivalent of a Service Flying Training School, or a more general one combining both Elementary and Service F.T.S. ?

I'm looking for the course number, or dates in/out, or date of award of flying brevet of a course in 1942, of which Michael Howard Shelton was a pupil. Some early commissions from this course are : Ian Alexander Calthrop CAMPBELL (gazette published 6/11/42), Anthony Charles William FAIRHEAD and William Ernest Gifford HUMPHREY (23/10/42), Charles Georges LAWRENCE, Hugh Blair McCREADY and Raphael Raymund McNAIR-TAYLOR (9/10/42, commission with effect from 10 August 1942), Gerald Edward STUBBINGS (27/10/42)

Several coursemates were also killed : LAC Geoffrey Mark HARRIS, 17/9/42, LAC Thomas TRAVERS and Allan Samuel GADD, both 27/10/42. Any details welcome.

I'm puzzled by the fact that these three accidents occured after the commissions of 3 of their comrades, as in those cases, the date of commission is usually the date of the flying brevet. I think they may have been in following courses, hence the initial question.

Thanks in advance for any help