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Thread: " Amazing ' Hilly ' Brown "

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    Bernard Guest

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    Some time ago I posted a thread letting know that I am in search of a copy of a magazine
    in wich was published a H Halliday article about ' Hilly Brown '.
    Timothée very kindly answered to my question.
    Have you found anything Timothée ??

    Best regards.


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    Timothy Dube replied to your request. Here is the link D6&archive=yes


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    Timothy Dubé Guest

    Default The Amazing 'Hilly' Brown

    As I had reported on the old forum, Yes, we have several original copies of the CAHS Journal, Vol. 9, No. 2, Summer 1971, with Hugh Halliday's article, "The Amazing 'Hilly' Brown", pages 35-37. Although the "approved" CAHS price to members is $10.00 Cdn an issue, I'm sure we can offer you a better deal than that. Of course, postage must be added. Please contact me off board (see my addresses on the CAHS website: ) and we can come to agreement on what that price might be with the postage added.

    Timothy Dubé
    Chairman, Ottawa Chapter
    Canadian Aviation Historical Society

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