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Thread: Mossie crash Haps NL

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    This is a very long shot dear members, but I'll have a try anyway:

    -some information reached me about a Mossie, that crashed near/in Haps. That's it.
    No further info, I'm sorry.

    The only thing I can add is where Haps is: roughly 20-25 km S/SW of Nijmegen city, the Netherlands.

    Any details available ?

    THANK you !

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    Might be DD677, an F.II with 23 Squadron, lost 28/29 July 1942 on an Intruder sortie. The information I have for this one is as follows:

    Night Intruder, tasked to Eindhoven, took off 23.45 28 July 1942. F/Sgt. K.J.O. Hawkins: KIA, Sgt. E.C. Gregory: KIA

    It appears to have been shot down by a German nightfighter of NJG 1. The claim information is as follows:

    29.07.42 Oblt. Reinhold Knacke 1./NJG 1 Mosquito  5243: 8.000 m. 01.10 Film C. 2031/II Anerk: Nr.53

    Hawkins and Gregory are buried in Uden, very close to Haps, which is at the "5243" position on the Luftwaffe grid system in use at the time.

    I'm not at all sure why a 23 Squadron aircraft would have been at 8,000 metres - their sorties involved picking off enemy aircraft as they landed or took off. It may well be a transcription error for 800 metres.


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