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Thread: Christmas Card from 201 Squadron

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    Default Christmas Card from 201 Squadron

    Rummaging through my childhood aeroplane scrapbook I came across this christmas card from someone we knew in 201 Squadron. I used to know him as Uncle Neddie!!

    Inside is a nice picture of a Shackleton, don,t think there is any doubt about the Squadron number!!

    But here is the question. I then came across this picture

    On the back 9th Feb 1952 Lanc MkIII CR

    Could this be the same squadron? I seem to recognise the guy, back row, standing under the bomb bay with the moustache!!
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    It won't be the same Sqn, as according to Jefford RAF Squadrons, 201 Sqn was a Flying Boat Sqn from 1929 to disbandment in Feb 57. It reformed in OCT '58 by re-numbering 220 Sqn and getting Shackleton Mk3s.It could be another Sqn's Lancaster or from the Coastal Otu that operated in Cornwall up to 1956/7, both possibilities would have "re-cycled" old Coastal Aircrew.

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