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Thread: Hebridean War - Radio Scotland

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    Default Hebridean War - Radio Scotland

    A very interesting programme was broadcast by Radio Scotland recently called Hebridean war which had interviews with former Coastal Command/Bomber Command and others inc met flights etc.

    Using the 'listen again' feature anyone can listen to it online by visiting the Radio Scotland website then look in the left hand column and select the 'listen again' link - a list will appear of programmes in alphabetical order, look for Hebridean War.


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    Default Re: Hebridean War - Radio Scotland

    The redoubtable Linzee!
    Last activity in August 2019 but Linzee and I corresponded in the long long ago about matters RAF.
    Here her post is characteristically helpful, in giving a general link with notes on access.
    Well over a decade later, starting from the general URL and using the Search box, finds the two episodes listed, but noted as "not currently available".

    One of the many posts in the form of an announcement or notice, intended for information and not necessarily asking for nor expecting board replies or discussion.
    Though no longer available, a nice gesture from back then and typical of her.

    Her websites do remain on-line:
    Archie-A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command, last updated in 2014
    World War II Aviation Crash Sites in Scotland likewise.

    If Linzee should happen to see this, warm greetings to you!
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