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Thread: Lockheed Hudson BW622 - 113 Squadron, Yarmouth, NS

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    Default Lockheed Hudson BW622 - 113 Squadron, Yarmouth, NS

    I search any informations and picture about the Lockeed Hudson BW622. He crashed in Mont-Joli, october 14th 1942.

    Thank you.


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    Default Hudson Prang

    Salut Sam

    The Category 'B' accident involved a Hudson Mk. III of No. 113 (BR) Squadron s/n BW622.
    It occurred at 10:00 hours on the west end of Runway No. 1 at Mont Joli, Quebec.

    The crew was taking the Hudson out for an A & E test when the starboard engine cut out on take-off. The aircraft had not left the ground yet. The pilot cut the throttles and attempted to stop the Hudson. It ran over the end of the runway causing the undercarriage to collapse. None of the crew were injured.

    Pilot - R87505 F/S T R Futer

    Navigator - R100965 Sgt. J J E Mahoney

    Wireless Operator/Air Gunner (W.A.G.) - R95394 F/S R J Nixon

    Wireless Operator/Air Gunner (W.A.G.) - R91435 F/S F W Smith


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    Default Daily Diary

    The information come from the Daily Diary ?

    I would like to have more informations about differents accidents for my book.



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