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Thread: 24 Sqn Blackburn Roc L3102 and L3120 Losses 7th October 1940

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    Default 24 Sqn Blackburn Roc L3102 and L3120 Losses 7th October 1940

    These are BOTH listed in Colin Cummings Though Without Anger as amongst the '14th Aircraft' destroyed in the Air Raid at RAF Hendon on 7th October 1940 (not 8th October as in the book) when Hangar A was hit by a bomb at 21:20

    I have an issue with is due to the similarity of the numbers L3102 and L3120 and by the fact if you google "L3120 Roc" you can find a photo of her titled 'Blackburn Roc having come to grief short of the runway at Twatt airfield in Orkney 1943'

    Photo showing Blackburn Roc L3120 T8B which was based at Twatt in Orkney from 1940 to 28 May 1943 when the accident was photographed. ...

    Also Roc L3120 was "In addition at least one Roc, Roc L3120 was sent to the RCAF for assessment, to the Roc Flight at Odiham for 110 squadron RCAF on 12 November 1940." Can any of our Canadian friends confirm this.

    BTW Air Britain Impressment Books state 14 aircraft destroyed.

    Colin Cummings has the following 14 'listed'

    01) 08-Oct-40 P1749 Vega Gull 24 Sqn RAF Hendon
    02) 08-Oct-40 P5635 Petrel Q6 - Note: Think this is a typo for P5636 !!!
    03) 08-Oct-40 L4396 Mentor I
    04) 08-Oct-40 L4400 Mentor I
    05) 08-Oct-40 AS468 Cleveland I
    06) 08-Oct-40 L3102 Roc
    07) 08-Oct-40 L3120 Roc
    08) 08-Oct-40 K4277 DH82A
    09) 08-Oct-40 K4284 DH82A
    10) 08-Oct-40 X9370 Envoy
    11) 08-Oct-40 L8212 Magister
    12) 08-Oct-40 L8345 Magister
    13) 08-Oct-40 K6814 Hind
    14) 08-Oct-40 G-AFIE Vega Gull Note: Owned by Smiths Aircraft Instruments and stored in Hangar A

    If we assume at least 1 Roc serial is wrong (which I do) then the '14th aircraft' is probably Bristol F.2b Fighter N4587 (sic) which Flypast in the April 2009 Issue as being 'probably destroyed in enemy bombing of RAF Hendopn on 7th Sept (sic) 1940'. AFAIK Hendon was not bombed on this date in Sept and I think this is a mistake for October.

    Note: Thanks to the good offices of Peter Arnold (and a hazy memory from me) I have now had the Id of the Bristol F.2b Fighter 'N4587' confirmed as F4587 NOT N4587

    "G-AFHJ Bristol F.2B Fighter 7146 F4587 G-AFHJ Sqdn Ldr NR Buckle/Hendon 23.05.38 8514 Destroyed during WWII"

    Note Bristol F.2b Fighter F4587 was flying as late as July 1937 and was on 24 Sqn charge. So we are now back to 14 Aircraft. I note that Vic Smith in his October 1940 accidents has 10 aircraft listed as lost - But does NOT ID the Roc

    01) 7 Oct K4284 DH 82 raid Hendon ex G-AERM, overnight 7-8th
    02) 7 Oct G-AFIE Percival Vega Gull raid Hendon overnight 7-8th
    03) 7 Oct X9370 Airspeed Envoy raid Hendon ex G-AFWZ, overnight 7-8th
    04) 7 Oct K4277 DH 82 raid Hendon overnight 7-8th
    05) 7 Oct K6814 Hawker Hind raid Hendon overnight 7-8th
    06) 7 Oct L4396 Miles Mentor raid Hendon overnight 7-8th
    07) 7 Oct L4400 Miles Mentor raid Hendon overnight 7-8th
    08) 7 Oct P1749 Percival Vega Gull raid Hendon overnight 7-8th
    09) 7 Oct P5636 Percival Q.6 raid Hendon overnight 7-8th
    10) 7 Oct FAA Blackburn Roc raid Hendon overnight 7-8th

    Can anyone help with the Roc query and maybe the Petrel serial question?

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Paul,

    Re: Roc L3120 T8B:

    Aircraft Crash Records Scapa World War II.


    Roc L3170
    Twatt, 771 Sqdn.
    Crashed near what appears to be Harray Loch. (Photographic record).

    Sky Over Scapa 1939-1945.
    n.p.,: Byrgisey,1991

    Adds to the fun !

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    Thanks Col

    Yes it does looks like L3120 typo for L3170 - But still need confirmation of what happened to L3120 in 'RCAF hands in Nov 1940'

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