Am seeking some more information about RAAF pilots. The AWM photo collection database has four photos of Spitfire pilots supposedly taken at Corsica, May 1944 (ID nos.SUK14820, SUK14822, SUK14823, SUK14824). Pilots are labled as W/O F.E. Taylor (NSW), F/O M. J. Fahlay (Melbourne, Vic), F/O D.C. Dunn (NSW) & P/O P.James (Melbourne, Vic). I have identified Francis E. Taylor (Aus.412210) and Dudley C. Dunn (Aus.409284) both of 154 Sqn RAF around May of 44. There is no Fahlay listed on the AWMs nominal roll search and no apparent match for a P. James. I suspect Fahlay may actually be Marcel J. Fakhry (Aus.409137) of 92 Sqn RAF. Could anyone provide details, units and/or service numbers for Fahlay & James? Any help greatly appreciated.

Regards, Drew H