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Thread: Spit Mid Air

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    Default Eddie - Please note:- Warrant Officer Thomas Jeffery in Spitfire MJ411 was my father.

    Hello Eddie,
    Eddie, I thought you might be interested - Please note:- Warrant Officer Thomas Jeffery in Spitfire MJ411 was my father. Jeffery is the correct spelling. I frequently visit his grave (2 miles from where I live in Horsforth, Leeds) and have his pilots log book.
    He is honoured by all our family (unfortunately his wife {Mum} died on 27th April 1999 age 75. She NEVER really got over his death.
    I wish that I could find out what happened to the other pilot who lived and if he is still alive, which is doubtful of course. I believe his nickname was 'Snowy'
    Many thanks Eddie, plus all other people who were enquiring:
    Kind regards
    Anthony Ray Jeffery.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Fell View Post
    I am hoping that somebody can help me fill in the gaps/ unravel the following

    On 3/8/45 two Spitfires collided in mid air during combat practice

    One was an LFIX MJ411 and the other is unkown to me

    One of the pilots was W/O Thomas Jeffery (killed) and the other was W/O Henry Scall (baled out)

    At MJ411 is shown as being with No. 1 Sqn which could match it to Jeffery who according to CWGC was also with No. 1 Sqn. I do however have other information (original source unknown to me) which has this a/c with CGS at Catfoss and flown by Jeffery.

    I also have conflicting sites for the crash location of the aircraft. The aforementioned site shows Hutton Cranswick (the base for 1 Sqn at that time) but 'just off the end of the east runway at Catfoss' has also been given.

    It seems unlikely (although I don't rule anything out) that each of the aircraft returned to crash at its home station

    Any help in identifying the second aircraft, placing the pilots in the correct seats and determining the two crash locations would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    The following site might help us here :-

    It puts W/O Jeffery in MJ411 crashing at Leven southeast of Hutton Cranswick, and W/O Scall, also 1 Sqdn, baling out of MJ873 which crashed 200 yards east of Runway 10 at Catfoss.

    The Spitfire production list confirms MJ411 and MJ873 as being 1 Sqdn aircraft, and RAF Casualties 1945 confirms Thomas Jeffery as being in MJ411.
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    Sad to report that Eddie Fell passed away in October 2009 .

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