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Thread: Looking For 168sqn (143wing 83 Group)eindhoven

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    Default Looking For 168sqn (143wing 83 Group)eindhoven

    My grandad was with 168 sqn at Snailwell from 14/7/1944 to 4/10/1944 Eleven days later his sqn was posted in Eindhoven 15/10/1944 to 21/1/1945. My grandad was a Typoon pilot by the name of Thomas John Jones (Taffy) I have been trying to find any photos or pilots who were in the same squadron.... If any one knows anything that could help me, that would be great!!!!!!!
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    Default 168 Sqn 1944

    Hello Lupo. If the dates you quote are correct (14/7/44 to 4/10/44), 168 Sqn was in Normandy, N.France, Belgium, equipped with Mustangs (fighter-recce version). The squadron arrived at B.78 Eindhoven on 4 Oct 44 where it re-equipped with Typhoons. It was only at Snailwell in June/July 1942 when it was formed (equipped with Tomahawks).

    I'm sending you an email re sources of further information.

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