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    Default Air Intelligence Corps

    I note - from Routledge's RAF Service Number lists - that the block 504801-505000 was allocated to the Air Intelligence Corps in Aug 1939. Who were these folk? What did they do?, and for whom? Does anybody know?
    Further, you will be aware that various organisations have telephone auto-dialler programs which dial your number, and then (provided you only answer with a metallic sounding voice giving only the number) they automatically close down and go on to the next number.
    What I want to do is to get one of these machines linked-up to the LG, or Geoff's CWGC search-engine, so that it beavers away quietly in the background on one's computer going (one by one) through Routledge's numbers, and producing a list of people/places/times, etc, etc, etc. I can do this manually, but it is time-consuming, boring, and mostly nugatory. Computers were - so I was told - able to take this nugatory effort out of one's daily life! Or am I wrong?(being a paid up member of the local Flat Earth Society may not help my cause!)
    But seriously, somebody, somewhere, should be able to concoct a programme that hunts out RAF Service Numbers (from wherever). Or do I talk rubbish? (don't answer that!!)
    Peter Davies
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    Hi Peter,

    One of my Malvern blokes was with the Canadian Intelligence Corps (Army) and I have looked into what their intelligence people did. The basic types are divided into those doing counter-intelligence and signals (secret stuff) and those doing routine information gathering and analysis for the planners. They also did things like ensuring security of information at bases (field security). My fellow, a Sgt. with a field security company in Normandy, was tasked with collecting papers and documents left behind by retreating German troops, interrogating PoWs and locals with current knowledge of enemy dispositions, etc. Some of them also tracked down enemy infiltrators or escapees as the front lines moved forward and people were left behind.

    He died in the explosion of a booby trap or a delayed fuse/UXB while looking for such things.

    On the dialer thing, I can't help and I will resist the invitation to speak rubbish!

    Hope this helps.

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