Fellow Forumites,
Can anyone put forward any hard information as to the date of introduction into RAF service of this useful vehicle? I would imagine it was somewhere about 1920/22 period, but it may have been a little earlier, and was probably as a result of the introduction of more powerful types of aero engines into service, such as the Napier Lion, Bristol Jupitur, AS Jaguar, and the American Liberty V-12, although such types as the RR Eagle may have been the irritant which required scratching. Were these vehicles purchased as basic chassis by the Air Ministry from British Ford, then modified into the complete and perfect ultimate form by another contractor? I see that the RAF used two basic types of the Hucks starter, although this was probably brought about by the lengthening of the basic chassis as produced by Ford, and was not specifically at the request of the Air Ministry itself. All contributions welcome!
David D